• Customised Awards Online Submission and Judging System

    A customisable database driven system for tracking downloads and uploads of industry awards submission entries and facilitating judging submissions online.

    Systems Overview:

    • Password protected and segmented gateways for administrators, judges and entrants.
    • Complete automation of submission process. Entrants will be notified by email on successful completion of submission
    • Mutliple attachments such as word, images, video and audio
    • Web-based scoring and notes facilities for judges. Convenor/s can allocate which entry is to be reviewed/commented/rated by particular judge
    • National and state administrators segmented access to reports and track all levels of submission and judging process.
    • Integrated email systems for all level of communications to entrants and judges
    • Category/subcategory management, online fields management, judging criteria management and task widgets
    • Integrated sucure online payments


    For Administrators/Convenors:

    Administrators/convenors can view and manage each entry and designate/specify judges as required via the administration console.

    • Top level view of all activity and entrant details - segmented to National and State Administrators
    • Automatic tabulation/averaging of judges activities
    • Allocation of up to unlimited judges per entry
    • Specify deadlines for judges
    • Manage categories and subcategories
    • Manage judging criterias
    • Manage questionairres
    • One click download of all submissions
    • View and download reports in Excel/PDF formats

    For Applicants/Entrants:

    Provides entrants with a secure user-friendly, web based interface to guide them through the submission process.

    The database fields will be customised/ tailored to collect the desired information (e.g., contact persons, summary of activities and additional questionnaires as required)

    • Custom entrants submission fields as per specifications
    • One single account to enter into multiple entries
    • Automatic confirmation email is sent to entrants upon submission completion
    • Edit/reupload submission until entries close
    • Multiple attachments/uploads as required such as word processors, powerpoints, photographs and appendixes including audio and video files
    • Integrated secure online payments

    For Judges:

    Judges log-in, access documents assigned to them via the judges only control panel. Each judge is only granted access to the specific submission they allocated.

    • Add comments and tabulate scores according to their judgments.
    • Options to record and manage site visits.
    • Online forum between judges if required.
  • Platform & Browser Compatibility

    Platform independent

    Being a web based application eAwards is 100% cross platform independent.

    Cross browser compatability

    Online systems rendered by eAwards will work in all browsers. Each site undergoes cross browser compatability testing prior to being released. The eAwards entrant, administration and judging consoles has been optimised for the three major browsers: Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, (and all other Mozilla/Gecko browsers) and Safari®.